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Jackie Johnson

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“Dear Jackie,

Just a note to thank you again for the wonderful music you provided for my rehearsal dinner. Who knew that my zany relatives would insist on a sing-a-long? It was just great you could switch modes so quickly! Everyone loved the music and the party - your presence and willingness to play on while everyone sang really made the evening a smash! I received so many compliments on your playing.... it was delightful to know that my guests had enjoyed the party as much as I did! Thank you so much for contributing your incredible talent to our special evening.

            Sincerely yours,

            Kate [J. T.]”

“Dear Jackie,

Just another note of thanks... As I stated on the phone the other day, you are really blessed with a gift -- creating beautiful music. Not just when you play, but when you write. And, I am honored that you have taken the time to share your talents....”

            Jeannie T.

“Jackie is talent and class personified.”

            Arnold F., Trump Casino

“Dear Jackie,

I can’t forget how much I enjoyed your playing when we had dinner. You are a real talent -- surely you have heard that before and you made my trip perfect. Shopping doesn’t do much for me but hearing you play was worth the trip.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.”       

            Lynne P.

“I could listen to your piano arrangements for hours and never get tired of it. My kind of music!”

            Ed S.

“Jackie was great! She was professional [and] had a lovely personality.”

            Gina P.,  Venterra Christmas Party


You’re a wonderful pop pianist and I’m so pleased that you’ll be playing at our party.”

            Marion P.

“Your CD is sensational! What a talent. I listen to it virtually every day. Marge and I love it! ... This album (oops, CD) is one of my favorites. In fact, yours and the Brubeck CD sit next to each other in the changer. What a combination!”

            Mike & Marge T.

“Music Lady -

Thank you!... Your music made this evening very enjoyable!

            “A Hotel Guest”

            Written on a hotel drink coaster

“Hi Jackie,

It went well, and everyone loved you! I will be recommending you for all the entertainment we do in the future.” 

            Ashley P.

“Thank you! You played beautifully!”

            Bridget K.

Jackie, thanks again for playing at the party - you were great, and I really appreciate how much you added to the evening.”

            Jamie G.



...received from event clients and hotel guests