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Jackie Johnson

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Before your event, we will discuss the following details:

  1. the effect the music should have

  2. the look of your event, and my attire

  3. exact time, date, location

  4. instrumentation

  5. on site piano vs. portable keyboard

  6. song choices; I can provide song lists for suggestions

  7. the type of music: jazz, popular, classical

  8. the purpose of the music: sing-along, background & atmospheric, jazzy energy, ceremony

Other information:

  1. I will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event, longer if I bring a keyboard

  2. music can be louder or quieter, more mellow or more energetic at any point throughout the event

  3. there can also be a change in the feel of the music between cocktails, dinner or ceremony

  4. I will provide you with a written contract to make sure we each have all the correct details.

  5. I have General Liability Coverage to satisfy your venue management


  1. Remember, it’s tailor-made!

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